550,000 mu of Jinxiang garlic ushered in the harvest season

2019-06-09 14:36:28


Recently, Jinxiang Preservation Garlic was listed, and the price and transaction volume were basically the same. The main reasons are as follows:

1: Last week's listing of goods in general, the enthusiasm of the sellers for sale is not high, the price is insisted, the export processing buyers are actively purchasing, and more purchases are accompanied by the transaction volume. Mainly due to the expansion of export purchases, but domestic purchases declined.

2.Henan early-maturing garlic has been listed in large quantities, the listing volume has gradually increased, buyers have actively purchased, the price of early-maturing garlic has increased, and the sales pressure and psychological pressure of storage have decreased.

3.Now Jinxiang early-ripening garlic has also started to go on the market, and the listing price is higher.

As the pillar industry of Shandong Jinxiang, garlic has always been a hot spot for the masses. Now, it is the season when fresh garlic is harvested.

2019 New Garlic

Jinxiang Garlic

Because of the large planting area and low price of garlic last year, coupled with the climatic reasons, the quality of garlic last year was generally low. In contrast, the price of garlic this year is reasonable, which is also due to the better management of garlic farmers, timely harvesting and reasonable drying. I believe that the quality and yield of garlic this year will be greatly improved compared with last year.


This year, Jinxiang County planted a total of 550,000 mu of garlic. It is expected that all the garlic will be harvested in about 10 days. The dry garlic export business will start after May 25th. As a garlic exporter, our company is also actively preparing for the new season of garlic exports.

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