A head of garlic 1.18 yuan, garlic prices doubled year on year

2019-06-09 14:41:00


Garlic is one of the indispensable condiments in our life. It can be bought in the market. Of course, the price of garlic may vary in different cities. It is said that a garlic will cost 1.18 yuan!

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In two large supermarkets in Beijing, one of the supermarket's garlic (dried garlic) price is 13.98 yuan / kg, the other is billed according to the bag, according to the different price of the bag of garlic, the price of 5 garlic in the bag is 5.9 yuan / Bag, calculate a garlic price of 1.18 yuan!


So what is the price trend of garlic this year?

Since the quality of dried garlic was not good enough last year, the price was not much different from the price of fresh garlic. The purchase price of dried garlic has not come out this year, but considering that dry garlic has more drying process than fresh garlic, it is expected that the purchase price of dried garlic will be between 3 and 5 yuan this year, which may be five or six times higher than last year.

The price of fresh garlic this year is the highest in recent years, mainly because the quality of dried garlic in the main producing areas of Shandong and Henan last year is not very good, and the relatively good quality is relatively high, so some people will choose Buy fresh garlic, and the eating habits of the northern region are also to eat fresh garlic this season.


May is the garlic harvest, with the listing of new garlic, garlic prices will fall? In this regard, many wholesalers have said that the market is more complicated and not predictable.

However, for the current rise in garlic prices, wholesalers generally believe that it is still acceptable. For consumers, garlic is mainly used for seasonings for cooking, rather than the essential varieties such as rice noodles, so a certain price increase should not cause too obvious impact. The price of garlic this year will be higher than last year, and it will be better than last year,The future price of garlic should tend to be stable and rising.

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