Garlic prices stabilize as orders from abroad increase

2019-07-02 10:10:44


Garlic prices have continued to rise since the Chinese New Year, until this week. Now, with new season garlic from various producing areas gradually coming onto the market, garlic farmers have stopped being reluctant in selling their garlic, and trading has become more active than in the previous period. After more supplies came onto the market, trading has gradually become more rational, and the price of garlic has stabilized. 

   Chinese white garlicGarlic loading

In terms of exports, purchase orders from Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and North America have increased from the previous period. This is partly due to the fact that although the current export price of Chinese garlic is higher than that of the previous year, it is still lower than the garlic from Peru and Argentina, and has better quality. On the other hand, with the new season garlic coming onto the market, Chinese supplies can better meet export demand. 

Fresh garlic

Fresh garlic
This year, due to a reduction in the planting area, our total garlic production has decreased compared with previous years, but the yield per mu is higher than in previous years. This is partly thanks to the good weather conditions throughout the year, and also the more scientific and standardized management at the production centers by farmers. The quality of his year's crop is the best among the crops of recent years.


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