Normal Garlic become "single head garlic", the value has been turned 4 times, how to plant it?

2019-07-26 17:06:18


The price of single garlic is higher than garlic, so it is very popular among farmers, but how can we plant single garlic?

single head garlic

Last year (2018), more than a pound of garlic, more than four pieces of garlic, the price difference is too much.

With the continuous decline of garlic market in recent years, due to the high price of the single-headed garlic, the growth cycle is only 3 months, which is very popular among growers, and its shape is round and easy to peel, which is very suitable for deep processing and market. so many garlic growers have begun to grow single-headed garlic.

Planting single-headed garlic often encounters problems. For the old farmers who have been rich in garlic for many years, when they are replanting their single-headed garlic, there often have two flaps and three petals. This single rate is not up. There are also some single-planted garlic heads that are small. When the garlic merchants buy the single-headed garlic, they are priced according to the size. Generally, the diameter of 2.5 cm or more can be sold for about five yuan, while the price of less than two centimeters is half lower.

The low rate of the single head, the size of the head is still small, and finally affects the output. What is the reason?

how to plant single head garlic

How does the single garlic grow?

The original common garlic was sown after autumn, after a low temperature vernalization in winter, and after more than 13 hours of sunshine in the spring, when the flower buds differentiated, the flower stalk grows in the middle, and the buds are formed at the base of several leaves near the flower stalk, when the water is nutrient. When sufficient, these scales develop into garlic cloves and form garlic.

Because during the growth process, the supply of water and fertilizer is insufficient, even if the garlic has completed the flower bud differentiation, but the garlic has the characteristics of nutrient supply to the center, the flower buds and the peripheral scale buds will also die, but the innermost scale buds develop, thus forming single garlic.

How to grow single-headed garlic?

1, a small variety of garlic

Seed selection is the first key factor in the cultivation of single-headed garlic. Because different varieties of garlic have different growth cycles and different proportions of mono-heads, the first choice is when planting single-headed garlic.

The garlic of the single-headed garlic should be selected from early-maturing varieties suitable for the local growing environment. The growth period is between 100 days and 120 days, so that the single-headed garlic matures as early as possible in the 90-day period. In addition, it is necessary to choose a medium-sized and large-sized garlic.

2, the broadcast period should be considered good

garlic broadcast   

The reason why the garlic is sowed in the spring is because the formation of garlic cloves requires flower bud differentiation, and the garlic cloves sowed in spring do not have enough low temperature time. Even if the sunshine time meets the requirements, the flower buds will not differentiate, or the differentiation is incomplete. The innermost scale buds are hugely developed and the rate of single heads is greatly increased.

3, garlic should be densely packed

The density of common garlic is generally about 40,000 per mu. If the planting density is increased, the garlic cloves can compete for nutrients when growing, and the nutrient is not enough to increase the rate of single head.

Garlic planting    

Generally, the planting density of single-headed garlic is 7.5-80,000 plants per mu, the plant spacing is controlled at 5 cm, the row spacing is controlled at 15 cm, and the seeding depth is controlled at three to four centimeters, ensuring that there is one centimeter of admixture on the top of the garlic clove. 

Planting a single head of garlic requires flexible selection of garlic, and choosing a smaller garlic type can reduce the cost of growing garlic and is also conducive to the formation of a single head of garlic. Single-headed garlic is a product and planting technique for the development of garlic during the growth process. It differs greatly from ordinary garlic. In the process of planting, it must be operated strictly according to the growth characteristics of the single-headed garlic.            

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