The price of Garlic is risen in Rajasthan, India

2019-06-09 14:38:25


In India, the status of garlic in the kitchen is as important as onions. Recently, the price of garlic has risen in the case of falling onion prices. Due to the lower production of Madhya Pradesh, the price of garlic has risen significantly.

The price of Garlic has risen to 100 rupees per kilogram (1.28 euros) and may exceed the 100 mark. According to the supplier of Savina sabji mandi, the supply of garlic packaging has been as low as 400 or 500 bags per day, compared to 1,000 bags per day in the past.

Garlic may show a higher price next month, as the garlic season from Madhya Pradesh is over.

PS: Jinxiang Garlic in China will be harvested on the bottom of this month, welcome to inquiry us the price.


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