The price of garlic has risen by more than 100%. Is “Brutal Garlic” a comeback?

2019-06-18 17:26:46


At present, the harvest of garlic is over. This year's dry garlic yields about 1,000 kilograms. Nowadays, it is the new garlic market season. Compared with last year's garlic price, this year's garlic price rebounded strongly, and the increase was over 100%.

New garlic market season

From the relevant historical data, it can be seen that in the past five years, 2018 is the lowest price of fresh garlic in the same period. Under the influence of the balance of supply and demand in the market, this year's price increase is more like a recovery growth.

Past five year garlic price historical data

As can be seen from the above table data, the price of fresh garlic on May 21, 2016 is the highest value in the past five years, up to 3.15 RMB / kg.

What is the reason for the increase in garlic prices this year?

Reduced garlic planting area

Garlic planting

According to relevant data, in 2019, the national garlic planting area was 5,968,900 mu, of which the garlic planting area in Shandong Province was 2,346,200 mu, the main producing county in Henan Province was 1,244,900 mu, and the main producing county in Jiangsu Province was 1,144,100 mu. Among them, in 2019, the area planted with garlic in Jinxiang County of Shandong Province was 523,900 mu, which was a decrease of 121,100 mu compared with 64,500 mu in 2018, a decrease of 18.78%.

Alternative cost-effective

onions and green onions

Pharmacologically, onions and green onions contain allicin, which can kill fungi in the body, and the sulfide contained in amaranth also has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects; from the perspective of home life The above vegetables can also be used as seasonings. Therefore, these kinds of vegetables can be used as a substitute for garlic.

The wholesale price of green onions from the end of last year to the end of May this year has been relatively stable, and the highest time is only 0.81 RMB / kg, the price is much lower than garlic. The wholesale price of onions is even lower, and it has been around around 0.5 yuan / kg.

With the increase of the dryness of garlic, the number of buyers of the library has gradually increased, and the enthusiasm for getting goods has gradually increased. As the market price of garlic has continued to rise, the target price of garlic farmers has increased at this stage, and some of the expected prices have risen again.

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