The price of new garlic is still rising, the trend of garlic price is hard to predict

2019-06-17 14:14:17



Recently, a new season of garlic harvesting is coming to an end. In the period of alternation between old and new garlic, the price is rising. Because the price of garlic was very low last year, the current price for garlic farmers and STORERS has exceeded the their psychological expectations, so everyone is in a wait-and-see state. Industry insiders expect that garlic prices will rise temporarily as the new garlic is about to become the "main force" of the market, but the range will not be too large.

Information Analyst  believes that the reason for the price rising is that the prices were at a historic low on last year. On the other hand, with the handover of old and new garlic, more vendors bought fresh garlic for drying, which led to the price rise of fresh garlic, and then led to the price rise of cold storage garlic.

It is understood that on June 15, the storage of fresh garlic in most refrigerators in the main producing areas will expire. Therefore, during this period of time, the cold storage fresh garlic sales enthusiasm is higher, in the warehouse reduction stage. He Tan predicts that garlic prices will continue to rise slightly in the short term, but the time will not be too long and the range will not be too large.

Source: Agriculture, Rural Areas and China

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