Under the influence of multiple factors, ginger prices continue to rise

2019-06-20 14:16:45


Shandong Weifang is the main producing area of ginger in China. Recently, the price of ginger has risen sharply.

Looking back at 2018, the weather has had a major impact on the growth of ginger. In the early stage, the continuous high temperature weather caused the disturbing ginger to be disturbed; then, due to the influence of tropical storms, there was a long period of rainfall. As the main producing area, Shandong Changle, Anqiu, Qingzhou and other places have suffered disasters. At the same time, although the planting area of ginger in Hebei and the northeast has increased, the yield of ginger has not increased under the action of high temperature. Under the influence of multiple factors, the supply of ginger listed this year has decreased, causing prices to rise.

ginger harvest

Some analysts believe that from the perspective of ginger processing, in addition to daily ginger, ginger, pickled ginger, as the concept of health continues to improve, ginger oil, ginger powder, ginger sugar and other deep-processed products are gradually increasing, the overall demand for ginger processing has increased Signs, the increase in demand side also pushed up the popularity and price of ginger.

ginger processing

The rapid increase in the price of ginger has the potential to reduce the purchase of end products. It is expected that there will be no room for decline in ginger prices in the future, and it will maintain a stable high position.

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