What happened to the green garlic? Is the pesticide used more?

2019-06-25 09:33:24


       One day, I wanted to make some seasonings with cold vegetables, put the garlic slices in a bowl filled with vinegar, and put them in the cold room. Who knows that the business trip is busy, I forgot about it. When I think about it again, it is already ten days later. However, the garlic turned green! This really surprised me. Is garlic used more pesticides and produces toxic substances? Can green garlic still eat?

It is estimated that friends in northern China will smile when they read this passage: Isn't this the Laba garlic?

Green garlic.jpg

       Once in Laba Festival, many traditional families in the northern region will make Laba garlic according to tradition. On the day of Laba Festival, put the garlic in a jar or bottle filled with vinegar, and then take it out for consumption during the Spring Festival.

       The garlic that has been soaked in vinegar has not only turned green, but has become sour, and it is especially delicious and delicious, and the spicy taste is greatly reduced, and it is not so irritating to eat.

       So, why after a few days of soaking, the original white garlic tender will turn green?

White garlic

        What happened to the garlic?

Garlic naturally contains some sulfur compounds, as well as some amino acids and organic acids. These substances are originally colorless, but under low temperature and acidic conditions, the pyrrolyl amino acid in garlic reacts with pyruvic acid to form yellow pigment, which reacts with the sulfur-containing allylthiosulfinate to form blue pigment. They are superimposed and appear green.

Green garlic

However, the blue pigment is not stable in nature, and it is easy to decompose when the temperature is slightly higher. The light also accelerates its decomposition and gradually turns yellow during storage. In contrast, yellow pigment is relatively stable, as long as it is in an acidic environment, it is not too afraid of the "hot" of room temperature, nor too afraid of light. Therefore, after a month or so, the green color of Laba garlic will gradually change from a more vivid blue-green color to a yellow-green color, and then turn into a pale yellow color.

Just because the green garlic can only be eaten from the twelfth lunar month to the first month of the month, the old Beijingers associate the “La Ba garlic” with the New Year's food, and use it as a must-have for the festival.

Laba garlic

What kind of vinegar is used to soak?

Of course, it is a vinegar with a relatively high acidity. Because of the dilution, the acidity of the vinegar will decrease due to the addition of garlic. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a vinegar with a total acidity higher than 4.50% in the supermarket (the vinegar has a description of the total acidity on the package), and the success is more grasped.


Green garlic, still healthy?

Of course, some friends are worried that the green garlic will not be effective.

The current study found that the intermediate substance of garlic turned green also has a good antibacterial effect, and the greenish garlic retains a part of the antioxidant properties. Although its various health effects are not as good as fresh garlic, as a kind of seasonal food, the effect of the appetizing and refreshing of Laba garlic has won the public reputation.

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