White garlic PK purple garlic! Sprouted garlic has magical effect!

2019-08-09 14:11:36


As the saying goes: "Garlic is a treasure, often eat good health",it can be seen, the skill of garlic is extraordinary. White skin garlic PK purple skin garlic, White garlic PK purple garlic, which is more effective? Is sprouted garlic still edible?  

The efficacy of white garlic

Pure White Garlic

1. Regulatory insulin

In recent years, due to the unreasonable dietary structure of people, the intake of selenium in human body decreases, making insulin synthesis decline. However, garlic contains more selenium, which has a regulating effect on the decline of insulin synthesis in the human body. Therefore, eating more garlic helps to alleviate the disease of diabetic patients.

2. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer

Garlic can protect liver, induce liver cell detoxification enzyme activity, can block nitrosamine carcinogen synthesis, so as to prevent the occurrence of cancer. At the same time, germanium, selenium and other elements in garlic have a good effect on inhibiting tumor or anti-cancer.

3.Lower blood lipids and prevent blood clots

Garlic active ingredients have obvious effect of lowering blood lipids and preventing coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, and can prevent the formation of thrombosis;

4.Delay aging and prevent lead poisoning

Regular consumption of garlic can delay aging; its antioxidant activity is better than ginseng; people who often have lead or lead poisoning tend to eat garlic, which can effectively prevent lead poisoning;

5.Prevent arthritis

Garlic can "except for rheumatism and cold wind" and has an inhibitory effect on arthritis;

6.Prevent cancer

Allicin and its homologues can effectively inhibit the activity of cancer cells, so that they can not normally grow and metabolize, eventually leading to cancer cell death, and allicin can also activate the phagocytic ability of macrophages, enhance the immune function of the human body, and prevent the occurrence of cancer; Allicin can block the synthesis of nitrite carcinogens and prevent cancer;

7.Anti-inflammatory sterilization

Allicin contained in purple garlic has obvious anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effect, especially for infection of upper respiratory tract and digestive tract, fungal keratitis and cryptosporidium.

In addition, according to research shows that garlic contains a kind of called "allyl sulfide" of the spicy, its bactericidal ability can reach one tenth of penicillin, pathogenic bacteria and parasites have a good killing effect, can play a role in preventing influenza, preventing wound infection, treating infectious diseases and insect repellent. Garlic variety, the effect is not the same, garlic alone more cancer.

The sole garlic bulb is actually a plant that is undernourished, stunted, and unable to produce multiple garlic bulbs. Its spicy taste is unique, it has certain medicinal value, and its anti-cancer effect is higher than that of ordinary split garlic.

Purple garlic is more bacteriostatic than white garlic

solo garlic 1.jpg

According to the color of the outer skin, garlic can be divided into white garlic, purple garlic, black leather garlic, etc., among which white garlic and purple garlic are more common. Compared with white garlic, purple garlic has a more spicy taste, higher content of the active ingredient allicin, and more effective bacteriostatic effect.

The sprouted potato is poisonous. Is the sprouted garlic also toxic?

Sprouted garlic

In fact, on the contrary, the study found that germinated garlic contains more heart-healthy antioxidants than fresh garlic. This means that sprouted garlic has stronger anti-oxidation ability and higher anti-cancer and anti-radiation effects. 

It is worth noting that garlic stored indoors in cool and ventilated places can be eaten after germination, but stored in a sunny place, the surface of garlic will turn green when germination, which produces alkaloids, it is best not to eat.

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