Will the price of garlic rise or fall next year? Should garlic be planted next year?

2019-07-17 17:37:43


Garlic is a very important economic crop. Many farmers rely on it to make a fortune, but everyone knows that the price of garlic is very unstable. Some people say that garlic is very expensive, and it is necessary to make money by planting garlic. Some people say that the price of garlic is too cheap. If you are busy for half a year, even if the cost cannot be recovered, it is better to throw it away. These two situations do exist because the annual price changes are too large.

Chinese normal white garlic

Analysis of the status quo of planting garlic

Planting garlic is like gambling luck. If you have luck, the price of garlic is high. When you harvest it, you can make a big profit and make more money than other crops. However, if the luck is not good, the price of garlic is very low, and the removal of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and labor costs is basically not profitable, and sometimes the cost is not recovered. Everyone knows that there is a year of garlic prices soaring, 5, 6 yuan a pound, which makes many people jealous, leading to many people to follow the wind planting, high-priced seeds to plant a large area, the cost has increased significantly, but at the time of harvest The plunge, even a few cents a pound, such a large price gap has caused many growers to lose a lot, so the amount of garlic planted in the next few years has decreased a lot.

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What factors affect the price of garlic?

In fact, the price of garlic is determined by the market price. When the market is good, the market demand is large, so the selling price is naturally higher. However, most of the previous price spikes were caused by natural disasters in some areas, which led to a large area of garlic production reduction and the market shortage. There are also objective market factors that affect the price of garlic, such as policy, public opinion and other factors. It's a complicated question to decide whether garlic should be planted or whether the market will be good next year, but we can predict the market with scientific and rational analysis, which gives us a great deal of confidence.

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How is the 2019 garlic market?

According to the 2018 survey, farmers are still highly motivated to grow garlic, because farmers who depend on the land for food are good at accounting, and garlic is more profitable than other food crops. According to incomplete statistics, the planting area of the main garlic production areas decreased slightly, slightly increased the secondary production areas, the area of the new planting area is still growing. The price of garlic rose sharply in 2019 compared with last year, so many farmers are keeping garlic in reserve and waiting for prices to rise again. The personage inside course of study anticipates, the market new garlic of the second half year will become main force, the price can appear small range rises, should not be too big.

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The reason for the rising price of garlic

Last year, the price of garlic was at a historical low. Last year, a large part of the garlic did not enter the market and was placed in the warehouse for refrigeration. The purchase price of new garlic drove up the price of old garlic. The previous two years of low prices, leading to a substantial reduction in planting area, so the market price climbed.

Garlic planting

In this case, the increase in garlic prices this year may lead to an increase in planting area, so the planting area of garlic is likely to increase in 2020. The rise in garlic prices this year may give many farmers hope for the market, but acquisitors may have a different mindset, expecting prices to fall in order to achieve the same benefits at lower costs.

From these aspects, the price of garlic may be relatively stable in 2020, and the market will gradually become stable. Farmers need to pay more attention to market dynamics, check market information in real time, and do not blindly follow the trend of planting. This kind of lesson has been learned before, and it needs rational analysis.

We know from the market that now a large number of garlic cold storage freshness expiration, the current enthusiasm to sell goods is relatively high, so the price of garlic in the short term will rise slightly, that is, the duration will not be too long, the increase will not appear obvious change.

            Garlic harvest

The above is the forecast of garlic price in 2020, and the analysis of garlic price in recent years, do not know whether to plant next year? Then draw your own conclusions from the above analysis, after all, it is only a prediction, need rational analysis, not blindly follow the wind.

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