Yellow food makes you feel good

2019-08-15 18:17:45


The colorful world will stimulate people's senses and produce different feelings, and food is no exception. A recent study published in the Greek magazine Metro shows that humans can instinctively associate yellow with joyful feelings. When eating yellow food, the body releases high levels of happiness hormones, which creates happiness.

Yellow food makes you feel good

Psychologists believe that the human brain is associated with color from the early childhood, in which yellow can stimulate the left side of the brain, the logical level, so the left brain tends to understand yellow as warm and happy.

In response, the researchers conducted a questionnaire survey to place dozens of foods in front of 1,000 volunteers of different ages to determine their brain response. It was found that 70% of the participants naturally linked the yellow food to the bright mood. Specifically, 61% of the respondents answered “Omelet” as the most comfortable food for the soul. “Cheese Macaroni” received 55% of the votes, followed by “Banana”, “Pancake” and “Semi-boiled Egg”.

Sweety cake makes u feel happy

In response to this research, neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis said that he had conducted hundreds of investigations into the relationship between color and mood, and this time, "yellow" foods evoke so many positive emotions, completely To his surprise, people are shocked. He believes that in the diet, yellow food can even become a powerful antidepressant.

So, Which kind of yellow food do u like?

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